A sad puzzle-adventure game about death and redemption

“Born without consent with one only purpose: pain. You are responsible for the loss of many lives and your lack of choice cannot change that fact. Your desire for a different life dances with leaves on the wind.”


Dive deep into the heart of the Sorrow Forest and help Adi, a cursed voodoo doll, to find his redemption by diving deep in the sorrow forest and understand the true meaning of his life and death.

Altero is a brain teasing puzzle-platform game where you need to learn how and when to sacrifice yourself in order to overcome the obstacles.

Dive deep in the sorrow forest and solve brain teasing puzzles

Everything you can find can help your journey

Accept your purpose and you can redeem your fate

Make peace with your past

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a game by Sergio Schiavo

Hello folks! My name is Sergio, a developer passionate by games and game development. I love puzzle games, and intriguing moody stories.

After developing quite a few mobile games, I decided to start a new adventure in the pc/console development and bring to ‘life’ an idea that I wanted to do since long time.

This is being a big challenge, and so far I am really happy with how it’s coming out. I hope you enjoy playing Altero, and I would love to hear what you think about!

Press Kit

Want to write about Altero? That would be awesome! I have prepared a Press Kit with video, images and texts that can be accessed here:

Altero Press Kit

Please let me know if you feature the game, or if you would like additional information. Contact me at: