Press Start!

Hey Folks!

This game has been a great challenge for me. And as expected I am learning so much, not only about the technical side of a game production, but all aspects of a game development such as testing, creating documentation and even marketing.

I decided use this area not only for “news”, but also to document those experience for myself, and of course to everybody that also could be passing by the same challenges as I am. And for those curious about what is involved in game development.

Straight from the first post I would like to tell you: A big big challenge for a indie-developer is “time management” and deciding what is worth doing and what is not! This is the first big and really important one. And the delay I took to start creating this dev blog is definitely a bad decision by my part related to choosing what is important to do. I now see that this is really important for the development cycle, it helps so much to see the “big picture” when you are documenting and thinking what to write!

So I hope I will be keeping this updated!


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